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I came across this photo the other day when I was boot shopping by way of “Google Images.”  The first thing that came to my mind when my eyes laid sight of this flashy little gem was, “These are the boots Jesus would totally rock if he were a snowboarder!”

Designed by Osamu Koyama, these Nike ZF-1 snowboard boots are called, “The American Eagle.” They are gold-plated! How sick!!!!!

If the day of Christ’s return happens to fall on a snow day, I have no doubt that our Lord will be McTwisting, Misty Flipping, Ollie, Nollie-ing and straight up Lando-Rolling his way through the end times.

While these boots are pretty amazing, only Jesus would be able to really rock them. Anyone else sporting gold-plated snowboard boots comes off as a total turd-face in my book.