Who knew there were so many Jesus cakes out there!

This morning, a light bulb went off in my head — a rare occurrence, I know 😉 and I thought it would be such a cool idea to make a red velvet “Jesus on the Cross” cake for easter! A slightly bleaker visual than the typical pastel colored, egg themed cakes most prefer on this momentous holiday, but I like to be edgy and slightly daring when ever possible. Plus, I love red velvet cake almost as much as Jesus. The line up goes something like this: Jesus, red velvet cake, my husband, our dog “cornbread.”  I even had a red velvet armadillo grooms cake made for our wedding last year. If you ever saw the movie Steel Magnolias, you know where this idea came from. LOVE STEEL MAGNOLIAS!

The Armadillo Grooms Cake with gray icing and a red velvet center!

With this genius idea of mine now throbbing at the forefront of my mind, I decided to execute my googley images routine to search and see if I could dig up any visual ideas for my creative christian cake.

Holy Cow — I had no inclination so many people expressed their love for Christ by way of buttercream frosting and cake! This made me both very excited and totally bummed. I guess my Christ on the Cross ” light bulb” idea was not as cutting-edge as I had thought. Oh well.

I’m guessing (more like praying) most of you don’t have enough spare time to flip through hours upon hours of Jesus cake images, so I have done the dirty work for you and placed the ones I consider to be the coolest cakes for Christ on the web. Enjoy!

Pretty in Pink! 

Love this! I wonder which animal that is with the sunglasses on -- The Ray Banasaurus?

These last two cakes are on the resurrection of Christ. I never thought of even doing such a cake, but thumbs up to the moms who did!

I love the use of a giant white chocolate chip cookie as the stone. Yummy!

I kind of love this one. Look at the look on Mary's face -- she is so in love with Jesus 🙂 I also love how the Roman soldier is face down in cake. Is that "donkey" from Shrek?

If you have any pictures of your own Jesus cakes that you want to share, send them my way and I will happily include them, but don’t expect to see my own versions anytime soon. After seeing these talented works, I think I will stick to my armadillo red velvet cakes instead.